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Start as you mean to go on with this installation manager.

We're so used to using installation software that we've almost forgotten it's there. Every game or application you run needs to install itself, with you providing directory and Start Menu details, before it does a whole host of complicated gubbins in the background. Programming nowadays is a trial in itself, but having to struggle to create installation software is an extra burden that nobody needs. Not so with QSetup.

This nifty program is a very customisable installer for your software, enabling you to select from a multitude of different options to suit whatever needs you may have. Define the directory structure you require, any Registry keys that need to be entered, shortcuts and Start Menu requirements, file associations your program wants, the languages you wish to use and a whole host of other things. QSetup even has support for auto-update software, should you wish to use it, and you can compose your own sarcastic EULA with dictatorial terms, should it please you so.

QSetup is a great tool for any programmer and will save you a lot of frustration and wasted hours when it comes to creating a program you wish to distribute either privately or commercially. It makes what can be a complicated and difficult task that much more streamlined and simple, and contains comprehensive help files that are almost unnecessary alongside the uncluttered, straightforward interface.

Get extra with our special reader offer!

Those generous people at Pantaray are prepared to offer our readers an additional feature. Any PCFormat reader who purchases Qsetup Pro also receives a free stand-alone Tokenized serial number program. Being nothing to do with orcs, this enables you to provide every one of your users with a unique serial number. See www.pantaray.com/tokenized.html for more details.

Product Details

Company: Pantaray Research

Web: http://www.pantaray.com/

Minimum system requirements: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP


Registration: Complete the online registration form here to obtain your free serial number.


Install QSetup v3.5.0.4 (FULL) Install QSetup v3.5.0.4 (FULL)


Install QSetup v4.0.0.4 (TRIAL) Install QSetup v4.0.0.4 (TRIAL)


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